Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 more Days!

2 more days to finish my confinement period... arghhhh...

first thing i wanna do on my 'graduation' day, go to saloon and wash, cut and blow my hair.. i can feel it already in my head mmmhh...


  1. haha..but before you go, make sure you pre-wash your hair 1st, I've heard ppl in salon complaining a post-confinement lady yang datang dengan rambut full of 'terkih' :D

  2. aku dah cuci masa end of 2nd week confinement, penuh ngan minyak eeii.. after that aku dah sik urut palak, so sik kotor pun, kelemumur pun kurang sbb cuci makei selsun hehe..