Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 41- And Counting


2th Nov 2010 came and went, and my mini human is still not budging out yet.

On 5th Nov 2010, doc had wanted to 'help' me a bit, but still being hopeful, I had turned down her offer. She was being very understanding as she knows the procedure can be quite uncomfortable, but she is determined to induce me and set the date on 12th Nov 2010 if I am not making any progress by then. By that time, I would be 10 days overdue and she does not want to expose us to any complication, and so do we.

At least the waiting is bearable for me since Momo was back last Thursday, and took leaves in anticipation of the baby arrival. What makes me a bit agitated are the questions of everyone asking me, "Is it out yet?" I got so fed-up answering this question, and do not bother answering anymore. Pandaila saya bagitau nanti ba... :(

So everyone, if by this Thursday there is no update here or in my facebook, meaning by default I will be going to the hospital on 12th Nov, Friday at 7.30am, and hopefully we will be able to see our beloved baby on the same day. We are still praying that I will get into labor naturally though, so all I need at the moment is for everyone to pray with us too..


  1. I dolok overdue 2-3 days jak pun dah banyak soalan 'dah ke belum?'
    Iboh la fed-up gilak auk, orang cuma ambil berat bah..
    Mun sikda orang tanyak langsung..mesti lagi tragis kan. Iboh risau...sooner or later akan keluar juak si kecil ya kelak :)

  2. mula2 org nanya, aku dah padah belom, then aku pesan, pandei aku inform kelak ba. then masih gik tanya. ne ndak aku rasa maok pengsan jak. bukan seorang dua maok dijawab, beratus org ba haha. mak aku pun ilek jak.. mun dah maok masok 10 hari, sapa sik rasa seksa nunggu org yg tak kunjung tiba.

  3. Best of luck, and hope you will have a perfect baby!!


  4. Udah tek? aku pun sik sabar juak tok